About Our Company

Ripped Labs is the leading-edge innovator of premium, purpose driven dietary tools for individuals with focused health and wellness goals.

Recognized for our expertise in developing highly effective and uniquely bioavailable human performance blends, Ripped Labs is committed to helping our clients achieve physical advancement through unparalleled support, tireless research, and ground-breaking dietary innovation. Producing extraordinary catalysts that fuel life-changing transformations and accelerate the attainment of peak physical and mental performance is our passion and our purpose.

At Ripped Labs, our mission is to continually create, test, and distribute scientifically sound products for the explicit purpose of improving anatomical function and appearance. Our dedication to complete and fundamental superiority in the composition of our products is only matched by our dedication to the success of every client we serve.

Our powerful formulas have been earning consumer and industry accolades since 2006. As we march toward a future of continuing to bring increasingly exciting breakthroughs in dietary science, each step forward is taken with the primary objective of helping our clients achieve and maintain their ideal body faster than they ever thought possible.

Meet Your New Best Friends, Co-founders.

Pete GenotCo-founder
Pete is a former Division I college football player, holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees from The University of Toledo, and has over 30 years of health and fitness experience. But that is not why he co-founded Ripped Labs…

His desire to help others achieve their health and fitness goals launched in February 2009 after surviving a serious motorcycle accident. Here’s a picture of the helmet that saved his life…

After several months of recovering from his injuries, Pete dedicated my life to helping others achieve and maintain optimal health through a balance of nutrition, exercise and dietary supplements.

In Pete’s opinion, MultiMuscle® is the only multivitamin you’ll ever need to help you get and maintain the ultimate physique! Why does he feel this way? Because not only is he a co-founder, he’s also a Customer…

Brandon DouglasCo-founder
Co-founder Brandon Douglas is a fitness, nutrition, and supplement expert whose body transformation strategies, products, and personal coaching have been helping countless men and women all over the world for more than a decade.

Brandon’s road to the health and wellness industry began when a consulting firm charged him with branding and developing a nutritionally sound menu for an emerging restaurant franchise meant to compete with Subway’s “Eat Fresh” ad campaign. While conducting consumer research on individuals seeking weight conscious food options, Brandon was shocked to find that very few adults had the ability to differentiate a meal with a healthy ratio of macronutrients from one that would greatly hinder their fitness goals. This alarming revelation fueled a desire in him to educate as many people as possible on the importance of informed dietary decisions.

Over the next 6 years Brandon would make a name for himself as a personal trainer and body transformation specialist coaching thousands of clients to their ideal bodies while spearheading the growth of a small local diet center into one of the largest private training facilities in the Southwestern U.S. It was during this time that he noticed a concerning habit that many fitness enthusiasts shared. Douglas recalls, “Nearly every pro athlete and trainer I knew carried around a pill organizer to house the dozens of tablets they would ingest daily to cover their strict nutritional needs.” In 2008 Brandon established Strong Tower Health and his company spent the next 2 years developing Multi Muscle®, the world’s most potent liquid training multi. “Through Multi Muscle’s liquid-fulvic technology, we effectively replaced the need to choke down twenty pills a day with a few tablespoons of liquid.” says Douglas.

Due to its high absorption and ease of intake, Multi Muscle® quickly became and continues to be the chosen multi of serious athletes, competitors, and physique-focused individuals worldwide.

Douglas has partnered with Pete Genot to form Ripped Labs, a company committed to offering a full spectrum of highly effective dietary tools with a focus on purity, potency, and results driven, scientifically-backed development. Douglas adds, ”Lower body fat, improved health, and a better physique are far more attainable than most people realize. It’s our mission to make that transformation a very accessible reality to millions of customers across the globe.”

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